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The Energy Access Situation in Developing Countries: A Review Focusing on the Least Developed Countries and Sub-Saharan Africa

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G. Legros, I. Havet, N. Bruce, S. Bonjour, K Rijal, M. Takada, C. Dora
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This report takes stock of the current energy access situation in developing countries, analyzing a range of energy access data available from developing countries that is often neglected in global energy discussions. The report aims to draw attention to the energy access situation in poorer developing countries where access is the most constrained. Specifically, the report focuses on the energy access situation in the least developed countries and sub-Saharan Africa; fuels and improved stoves used for cooking in developing countries; the health impacts of indoor air pollution from household use of solid fuels for cooking and heating; developing countries with modern energy access targets; and the energy access situation in 2015 under different scenarios.