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Early lessons from implementation of climate change adaptation projects in South-Eastern Africa: workshop report

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Across south-eastern Africa, organisations are developing and implementing projects specifically designed to support adaptation to climate change, many at the community level. This paper reports on a workshop that brought together representatives of a number of these organisations to share experiences and encourage the establishment of a more strongly linked community of practice in south-eastern Africa.
The objectives of the workship were to:

provide an opportunity for individuals and organisations implementing climate change adaptation projects in south-eastern Africa to learn from each other's experiences in identifying, selecting, designing, seeking funding for and implementing adaptation projects that improve the quality of life of the project recipients
increase the knowledge of government policy- and decision-makers of the linkages between climate change impacts and sustainable development, and the actions that can be taken to reduce vulnerability at the local and national levels
initiate an informal regional adaptation network within south-eastern Africa.

The workshop report gives details of the event and summaries of presentations and discussion groups, including the conclusions drawn and plans for further action.