There is significant overlap between the practice and theory of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation. However, there is limited coherence and convergence in institutions, organisations and policy frameworks. Both struggle to be incorporated into regular development planning and this aspiration is slowed down by duplicated activities, ineffective use of resources and confusing policies.This paper makes suggestions to policy makers and communities of practice on how to enhance both DRR and climate change adaption by 'converging' the programmes. Recommendations include:

Integrate DRR and adaptation into the guidance and delivery of funding mechanisms, for example through budgetary support
help the DRR community to engage more effectively in UNFCCC negotiations, for example by building the capacity of negotiators with DRR experience
for the adaptation community: ensure that there is a strong focus on DRR in adaptation policies under the post-2012 framework, for example using DRR tools when dealing with weather-related events
for the DRR community: ensure that all DRR policies, measures  and tools account for new risks and the aggravation of existing risks posed by climate change.

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