Given Grenada’s size, 100% of the estimated population of 110,000 can be exposed during a single storm event.

While infrequent, Hurricanes Ivan and Janet demonstrated Grenada’s vulnerability to storm-related risks. Apart from storms, Grenada is regularly exposed to risk of landslides which occur with frequency during the annual rainy season from June to December, caused by tropical waves and upper-level troughs. Storm surge is problematic in exposed coastal areas either through localized flooding in low-lying reaches or through cliff side erosion which has its greatest impact on the island’s principal road, linking coastal and interior communities.

Additionally, Grenada is exposed to the potential effects of volcanic eruption from Kick-‘em- Jenny, an active 1300-meter undersea volcano located 8 km north of Grenada.

This report analysed risk and resilience of the island community to withstand natural events and reduce risks associated with them.

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