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Development and adaptation days bulletin

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This bulletin provides summary report of the Development and Adaptation event at COP-10, which took place from 11 -12 December 2004, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Countries that are the most vulnerable to climate change are often among the world’s poorest and face the most entrenched development challenges, the bulletin notes. As these countries are more limited by economic, institutional, technological and other constraints, their ability to adapt to climate change is far less developed than industrialised countries. The connections between climate change adaptation and the development agenda has emerged as an issue requiring further analysis, discussion and political momentum.The bulletin provides an overview of the main thematic discussions that took place, on the designated development and adaptation days. It contains information on forthcoming global climate change meetings.Discussion themes detailed include:climate change and developmentfood security and disaster planningwater and healththe science of adaptationfunding adaptationadaptation in actionhigh level adaptation for planning.[adapted from author]