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Delivering a Low-Carbon Community in China: Technology vs. Strategy?

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Xiaoling Zhan, Gefforey Q.P. Shen, Jingjun Feng, Yuzhe Wu
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This paper reviews low-carbon technologies and strategies in the literature, and it examines how they are addressed in two low-carbon communities. By comparing the differences of adopting various low-carbon technologies and strategies in the two cases, the authors found that green strategies are not as valued as green technologies in the current stage of low-carbon communities in China. The ten One Planet Living principles are not fully considered or comprehensively implemented, and there is a lack of a clear and harmonious inter-sector working mechanism within and between the energy, transport, waste management and water management sectors. Recommendations are proposed to provide a vehicle for a more effective and efficient use of green technologies, and green strategies are provided to reduce carbon emissions in low-carbon communities. The findings might provide valuable references that could guide low-carbon community development.