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DAWN at COP10 People's Forum

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This webpage on the Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) website provides access to over thirty downloadable audio recordings of presentations made by feminist scholars, researchers and activists from the South working for economic and gender justice and sustainable and democratic development. The latest six recordings are taken from the COP People's Forum focused on biodiversity, which was held in Nagoya, Japan, October 2010. Through their presentations speakers aim to highlight the links between the increasing loss of biodiversity, with various forms of inequality, injustice and greed.In her presentation 'Sustainability, Human Development and Growth: A gendered look', Gita Senlooks at how increased demand for resources globally is having a detrimental effect on the environment and people's lives. At international and national levels she suggests greater responsibility is needed, with particular attention on rapidly growing countries. For example, in India it seems that local companies are causing the greatest destruction of the environment through extracting minerals often in tribal areas occupied by indigenous people. The state tends not to function in these borderland areas, and huge violations against human rights and the environment often occur.Sen suggests that we need a new view of human development and growth, which takes into account the reason why people are reproducing in the first place and their quality of life. Sustainable growth would need to focus on creating jobs and encouraging collective consumption of services rather than individual consumption of goods. She suggests that through this approach, essential yet overlooked areas, such as care work provided by women are brought centre-stage and given full recognition.