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CTCN Gender Policy and Action Plan 2019-2022

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This document presents the first Gender Policy and Action Plan of the Climate Technology Centre & Network. The development of such as document follows the CTCN mission from Decision 2/CP.17 to facilitate the preparation and implementation of technology projects and strategies taking into account gender considerations to support action on mitigation and adaptation. It also responds to the UNFCCC Gender Action Plan (Decision 3/CP.23) and the increasingly acknowledged and important linkages between gender and climate, and thus applies to the full range of CTCN activities including technical assistance, capacity building, networking, communication, knowledge sharing, monitoring and evaluation.

The policy was developed in a collaboration between gender experts and the CTCN secretariat. The CTCN also acknowledges the valuable inputs provided by representatives from the UNFCCC Women and Gender Constituency. Recognizing the need for review of the Gender Policy and Action Plan based on reported outcomes, new learnings and future mandates, the CTCN will review the policy every two years.

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