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At the crossroads: climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific

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K. Berse (ed)
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The Asia‐Pacific is the world's most vulnerable region when it comes to natural disasters, and yet scant information exists about how regional Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) are carried out. This report focuses on DRR and CCA efforts undertaken at the regional level in the past 20 years, purposely to identify particular trends and gaps that can inform future regional approaches. The scarcity of such knowledge makes it difficult to develop an enabling environment and a roadmap for the practical integration of these two areas of practice. The report sheds light on this lacuna by providing a snapshot of how DRR and CCA are undertaken and integrated in the region.The report takes stock of past and ongoing regional initiatives, looks into the role of certain organisations in the implementation process, and discusses the key political, policy and institutional developments which are instrumental in facilitating the integration of DRR and CCA agendas in the region.The publication discusses the prevailing debates and states that it is expected that a synergistic linking of DRR and CCA could result in:

Reduction of climate‐related losses through more widespread implementation of DRR measures linked with adaptation.
More efficient use of financial, human and natural resources.
 Increased effectiveness and sustainability of both adaptation and DRR approaches.

The review presents the following main findings:

The review confirmed the major progress that the Asia‐Pacific has achieved in promoting the DRR and CCA agenda regionally.
Some subregions have made significant progress in developing regional programmes and action plans for DRR and CCA, while others are still looking for viable models that would work in the prevailing political, security and economic situations of the regions.
The performance of the sub‐regions has been influenced by the presence of active institutions operating at the regional level, especially inter‐governmental and regional organisations.
The achievement of the Hyogo Framework for Action's five priority areas for action has also been varied.
There are a significant number of programmes that focus on mitigating the impacts of climate change through climate risk management.
In the Asia‐Pacific region, many institutions have been proactive in advancing DRR and CCA regionally.
There are opportunities for sharing and cross‐learning of experiences across regions both within and outside the Asia‐Pacific.