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Concept note for the preliminary study on rural women and the right to food

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M Zulficar
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This concept note sets out the content of an upcoming study on rural women and the right to food. The study suggests intersections between women’s rights and the right to food, interrelating with discrimination around access to land, property and markets as well as access to education, employment, healthcare and political participation. A natural entry point for addressing the discrimination is the identification of international legal instruments such as the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women and how they may apply to rural women. The study will focus on female headed households (FHHs) since some reports suggest that FHHs’ abilities to avoid hunger are dependent on support from a (migrant) husband or adult son. In times of food crisis FHHs that do not receive support are more exposed to hunger. The other area of focus is temporary seasonal workers who are more likely to be women. Female temporary seasonal workers are usually paid less than men for equivalent jobs, and food insecurity, which is already high amongst the workers, is increased with lower salaries. When completed, the study will end with a number of best practice case studies submitted by states, international organisations, non-state organisations, private companies, and other actors.

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