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Community-Based Adaptation Toolkit

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Adaptation is now recognised as an essential part of the global response to climate change. Based on decades of experience, development actors are increasingly promoting a “community-based” approach that recognises the unique risks faced by poor and marginalised people, as well as their essential roles in planning, implementing, monitoring & evaluating (M&E) solutions. This Toolkit responds to practitioner demands for information, tools and guidance to facilitate the design, implementation and management of Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) projects.The CBA Toolkit offers a practical “how-to” guide for project teams in completing the project cycle for CBA projects and includes step-by-step guidance and recommended tools for all stages of the project cycle, along with links to useful resources and checklists for key project documents. It also includes CBA Project Standards to help ensure high quality analysis, design, implementation and information & knowledge management (including monitoring & evaluation) in your CBA project.This interactive Toolkit is designed to be flexible. Users can tailor the process to meet their needs, priorities and available resources, including time. The authors are adopting a “learning by doing” approach – this first version will be tested and refined over time as they build further knowledge in CBA and learn from the experience of others.