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Colombia: San Nicolas Carbon Sequestration Project

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The development objective of the San Nicolas Carbon Sink and Arboreal Species Recovery Project is to pioneer carbon sinks in Colombia, through reforestation and agroforestry , on about 2,500 ha of abandoned pastures and through avoided deforestation and induced regeneration in about 7,300 ha of remaining forest stands in the valley of San Nicolas. The project also seeks to protect biodiversity through the recovery of endangered and vulnerable local arboreal species. The Project will create a sink for carbon (partly through the planting of endangered and vulnerable species) and in the process improve the income of small landowners, through the sale of timber, non timber and agro-forestry products, reduce land degradation and contribute to the restoration of ecosystem integrity in the San Nicolas region. The project also includes training and capacity building for sustainable forest management, strengthening of social capital and biodiversity protection. By the inclusion of 20 native species for the reforestation activities and a program aimed at the recovery of populations of 3 endangered species, the project will contribute to restore biodiversity in abandoned pastures.