This book aims to provide a summary of the latest knowledge about climate change as it relates to the Pacific Islands Region. A compilation of the latest literature, scientific knowledge and data, with frequent use of diagrams and tables, it is designed to be readily understood by readers with a variety of viewpoints and backgrounds, such as policy-makers, educators and research coordinators.The book discusses knowledge on the region’s resilience and vulnerability to climate and sea-level variability and change and identifies a suite of proven and potential response options that are deserving of further consideration and implementation.The authors' second stated objective is to provide educators, outreach and related practitioners with an integrated and functional resource portfolio for use in formal education and professional development programmes and in support of efforts to enhance political and public awareness of the implications of global and regional variability and change for the Pacific Islands Region.The Book comprises four main sections, reflecting the four principal dimensions of the climate issue – the changing climate, the observed and potential impacts, and the two broad categories of policy responses and actions, namely mitigation and adaptation.

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