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Climate knowledge for action: a global framework for climate services–empowering the most vulnerable: the report of the high-level taskforce for the Global Framework for Climate Services

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M. Abu Zeid
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Climate is a critical factor in development. This report proposes how a global system for the provision of climate services can be set up over the next few years that will save lives and protect the jobs and homes of vulnerable people.
In countries that have effective climate services they greatly contribute to reducing risk and maximising opportunities associated with climate change. However, there is a significant gap between the supply of climate services and the needs of users. To be useful, climate information must be tailored to meet the needs of users, and users, in turn, need access to expert advice and support to help them select and properly apply climate information. Further effort is needed by governments and others to overcome the currently significant restrictions concerning sharing of, and access to climate and other relevant data and a comprehensive capacity building initiative is needed to strengthen existing capabilities in the areas of science communication, service delivery and resource mobilisation
Two options are  considered for governance of the Global Framework for Climate Services:

an Inter-governmental Board on Climate Services would be established to provide leadership and direction for the framework
a joint board of relevant UN system entities would be created to provide leadership and direction for the framework

The document indicates that the first option would provide the best basis for driving the implementation of a sustainable framework. Yet there remains considerable opportunity for the UN system to develop and support the framework.