Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Climate Innovation Centres:a New Way to Foster Climate Technologies in The Developing World?

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The report shows how Climate Innovation Centre (CICs) can: i) develop and deploy appropriate technologies to mitigate and adapt to climate change, ii) catalyse competitive domestic industries in clean technologies for job creation and economic growth, iii) deliver ancillary climate technology benefits such as energy security and access, and reduced local pollution. In terms of recommendations, the report identifies a number of lessons about design and implementation of CICs. i) their geographical distribution is patchy, their technical focus biased towards mitigation rather than adaptation, ii)common functional areas will include: facilitating technology development and demonstration; helping develop markets; providing support services to firms; enhancing access to finance; assisting in the development of appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks; and coordination, networking, and capacity-building. iii)CICs should concentrate resources and expertise by specializing in the technologies most appropriate to local conditions rather than spreading their efforts too thinly. Iv) CICs could be developed individually, but there is much greater benefit in building a network of connected centres"