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Climate Information and Services for Africa (CIASA) – scoping, options analysis and design

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There have been many initiatives to strengthen weather and climate information and services across Africa in the last decade or so, with numerous valuable outcomes. However, it is commonly observed that availability and uptake of information and services is still relatively low and that this represents a threat to social and economic development.The need for an innovative, holistic approach forms the central motivation behind DFID’s consideration of a new intervention – Climate Information and Services for Africa (CIASA1). CIASA aims to achieve a step change in use of weather and climate information in Africa by addressing, at scale and in an integrated and coordinated way, the very diverse barriers to uptake and use of weather and climate services.In November 2014, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) procured a Met Office-led team to scope, analyse options and support design of the Climate Information and Services for Africa (CIASA) programme. The team comprised weather and climate experts from the UK and Africa as well as representatives from the World Meteorological Organisation. This report presents the results of the team’s expert scoping study, providing insight into CIASA and DFID’s selection of preferred intervention options.