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Climate Focus Paper Cities and Climate Change

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This paper outlines the role of cities as being drivers of global climate change and at the same time being affected by climate change.

In addition to climate change, cities are confronted by challenges in relation to urbanization, natural hazards, and their interaction.

The paper highlights the need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through climate mitigation policies, as well as the need for adaptation action to combat existing and potential climate impacts.

Moreover, the paper underlines the challenges in finding synergies between adaptation and mitigation measures, suggests possible adaptation responses to inevitable climate change, and points out the financial barriers. The main focus lies on rapidly growing cities in developing countries and emerging economies.

Given the complexity and unique characteristics of individual cities, it is not possible to provide an in-depth analysis of existing and projected climate risks, and possible mitigation and adaptation policies, for one particular city.

This paper provides a brief overview of various aspects, topics, and sectors of relevance to cities in general.