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Climate Change in South Asia: Strong Responses for Building a Sustainable Future

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Climate change is an issue that have caused the greatest development challenge of the present generation. Through Asian Development Bank"s (ADB) Strategy 2020, ADB has committed to reduce impacts of climate change as part of its efforts to achieve environmentally sustainable economic growth. To incorporate environmental sustainability in the fight against poverty, climate change efforts are guided by five strategic priorities: expanding the use of clean and renewable energy; encouraging sustainable transport and urban development; promoting climate resilient development; strengthening policies governance and capacities; managing land use and forests for carbon sequestration. All the countries in South Asia are also working to address climate change at the national level. This report discusses the different approaches to addressing the diverse and urgent adaptation and mitigation needs in every country in SouthAsia, many with support from ADB. It is intended to not only heighten general awareness about climate change in South Asia and emerging policies and strategies but also to invite cooperation among partners to scale up successful responses to climate change, and mobilize additional financial and technical resources that countries in South Asia urgently need.