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Climate change legislation in Grenada

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M. Nachmany
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Part of the 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study: a Review of Climate Change Legislation in 99 Countries.

Grenada is especially vulnerable to climate change impacts, such as rising sea levels and increased temperatures . In response , it has developed a set of strategic adaptation programmes and projects: Grenada Strategic Program me for Climate Resilience, Grenada Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project and Resettlement Policy Framework . Most of these documents have been prepared in co - operation with external actors providing financial means or technical support , in particular the World Bank, UNDP, UNCCD, and the German government.

The adaptation measures range from coastal zones rehabilitation, and flood and landslides mitigation, to potential resettlement of inhabitants of zones at risk. In November 2014, Grenada completed its UNISDR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction) country profile, which provides a comprehensive overview of the state of disaster risk reduction, including climate change resilience.