Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Climate change: enhancing adaptive capacity

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M. Mortimore
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This brief is based on a synthesis study of 105 projects completed under the Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy (RNRRS). It proposes a new strategy for research on adaptation to climate change that will both add value to the earlier research and evolve to address knowledge gaps and key questions.The strategy is based on five research themes. The first four focus on providing opportunities for poor people to strengthen their livelihoods through technologies, strategies and institutions in the natural resources sector, thereby improving their capacity to adapt to climate change. The fifth theme recognises the importance of non-farm options in diverse and resilient livelihoods.The brief advocates a systems approach that links climate change adaptation research with other activities within DFID, develops regional partnerships, and engages policy processes at all scales from local to global. It recommends that at the centre of any new framework for studying and supporting the adaptation process, demand-led research should be conduceted to-build on peoples’ capabilities rather than further analysing their vulnerability.