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Climate change and tourism in Fiji : vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation

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S. Becken
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The report details a study that investigated the impact of climate change on tourism in Fiji. The report discusses the results of interviews and surveys with key stakeholders, namely tourist accommodation providers and tourists themselves.Results of the study show:tourism businesses in Fiji are already impacted by climate change events, in the form of physical damage from a cyclone or storm surge, erosion problems and coral bleachingtourist accommodation providers adapt to climate change by building cyclone-proof structures, constructing seawalls and replanting treestourists have increasingly noticed poor environmental management and conditions related to climate change eventsabout one-third of tourists believed that tourists should pay an environmental tax, and another third were unsure about the taxcurrent policy and research initiatives in Fiji focus on adaptation rather than mitigation, and measures are predominately reactive rather than proactive.[adapted from author]