This paper is the outcome of a seminar about the impacts of climate change on development and economic growth, as well as food security and trade in sub-Saharan Africa. The seminar aimed at identifying the economic policy issues underlying the problem and suggesting the relevant solutions. The paper notices that little effort has been made to mainstream climate changes into African countries’ economic planning. Therefore, it calls on governments to undertake “common sense mitigation” - efforts that would cost little or nothing. In this context, the author underscores some important topics like conservation, adaption and enhancing human skills. In addition, the authors recommend that:

poverty eradication initiatives must be linked with policies to address climate change
climate mitigation must be integrated into development strategies across ministries - water, energy, environment, disaster risk, health, finance, economy and planning
carbon capture and storage is a promising technology that should be taken into consideration for countries that are geologically stable
there is a need to establish meteorological infrastructure across the continent to monitor climate change
Africa needs to invest in climate forecasting and individual countries have to be willing to invest in research and development, particularly in terms of cleaner development practices in manufacturing
there is a need for Africa to be careful about the diversion to bio-fuels.

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