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Climate Change Adaptation in Fisheries and Aquaculture: Compilation of Initial Examples

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This circular contains a selection of current and recent climate change adaptation activities and measures in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. These examples provide an overview of the types of adaptation activities and programmes rather than a comprehensive review of adaptation activities addressing fisheries and/or aquaculture. Some of the highlighted activities are specifically targeted at addressing climate change impacts in fisheries or aquaculture, and others address related areas (e.g. coastal management and capacity building activities) that also have benefits for fisheries or aquaculture. In addition to specific examples, the publication provides an overview of climate change impacts on global fisheries and aquaculture and potential adaptation and mitigation strategies. Descriptions for 26 current or recent activities and programmes focused specifically on or benefiting fisheries and/or aquaculture (and other sectors if relevant), primarily in developing countries, highlight the diversity of potential adaptation actions at the local to regional scales. This circular is intended to provide a starting point for planners, policy-makers and practitioners who are involved in sectors related to fisheries and aquaculture around the globe.