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China sustainable development strategy report 2009: China’s approach towards a low carbon future. Executive summary.

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W. Yi (ed)
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This China sustainable development strategy report 2009, points out that climate change has become the most significant environment and development challenge to human society in the 21st century. It illustrates this with China where, in the last century, land surface temperatures have increased with no noticeable change in precipitation. The country has become the world's largest CO2 emitter and is it is facing increasing pressure to reduce the emissions.The report observes that as the largest developing country, China faces both opportunities and challenges in developing a low carbon economy. In the longer term, the opportunity exists for China to gain a more competitive advantage in energy saving and pollution reduction technologies. It can reach the turning point of energy consumption and carbon emissions sooner than other nations.
In the short to medium term, the transition to a low carbon economy is challenged by a rapid economic growth, unfair international trade and climate regime, employment pressure, reliance on coal, cost and market uncertainties, technological, institutional and policy inadequacies. The report outlines the following as China's strategic approach:
i) low carbon development in the context of sustainable development.
ii) low carbonization as part of the national strategic targets for social and economic development.
iii) protecting national interest while balancing the relationship between economic development and climate protection.
iv) sectoral and regional collaboration by various interested parties.
v) participation in the international climate regime negotiations.
vi) The report shows the strategic set targets China has to meet by 2020 .To meet the set targets will entail the following strategic focuses:
i) conducting energy efficiency benchmarking management
ii) ensuring that large scale infrastructure construction conforms to energy efficiency and low carbon emissions.
iii) speeding up development of poly-generation technology through coal gasification and commercialization of IGCC technology
iv) exploring the best model for effective renewable energy use
v) combining technologies to reduce regional pollutants
vi) strengthening studies on adaptation strategies.To set up a resource-efficient, environment friendly and low-carbon oriented society, the report recommends that China should:
i) Establish a legal and regulatory framework addressing climate change and improving the macro management system.
ii) Establish a long-acting mechanism framework of low carbon development and stipulate related low carbon development policies in an orderly manner.
iii) Strengthen collaboration and establish a healthy low carbon technology system.
iv) Establish a collaboration mechanism with all stakeholders' participation.