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Changing Climate Adaptation Strategies of Boran Pastoralists in Southern Ethiopia

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This report contains information on a rapid field assessment of Boran pastoralists of southern Ethiopia to: (1) gauge local communities" perceptions of the need for local climate change adaptation strategies and their degree of satisfaction with existing interventions; (2) identify emerging climate risk adaptation strategies and (3) evaluate how existing and new strategies, including efforts by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the Ethiopian government, might complement or be compromised by index-based livestock insurance (IBLI). Researchers found that the Boran perceive changes in the frequency and intensity of drought conditions over the last several decades. The Boran also recognize the need to adapt to these shifts, and along with the government and NGOs who work in the region, are undertaking a number of climate change adaptation strategies. Some of these traditional and new responses to drought are likely to interact with the potential implementation of IBLI in both complementary and conflicting ways. Still, there are significant opportunities for IBLI to reduce exposure to risk while supporting existing veterinary services and rangeland management.