Many developing countries are faced with a lack of consolidated information on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and this information has never been put together before in a comprehensive form. This series of manuals on CDM project development for Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand aims to address this deficiency.The guidebooks are intended to provide the user-friendly and essential information that project developers and investors need for more effective CDM project preparation and implementation in these countries.Each CDM Country Guides contains:a summary of issues that developers and investors in CDM projects should be aware ofa country profile that provides a broad picture of the country, including social, economic, and political information, as well as an overview of the country's energy situation, which is important for project development and investmentan explanation of the general CDM project cycle, which includes identifying a project, issuance of carbon credits, requirements, and stakeholders for each processan overview of the country's potential resources and sectoral or project type categories that hold potential for CDM projectsa comprehensive picture of the CDM-related institutional framework and its inter-organisational relationshipsproject approval procedures and requirements: steps required in each host countryan overview of basic investment-related laws, environmental and property law, and sector-specific regulations relevant to CDM project activitiespractical information on the financial market in the host country (both conventional and CDM-specific project financing sources), issues related to the sale of certified emission reduction credits, taxes, levies, and other administrative requirementsgovernment Incentives: a list of financial (e.g., taxes, import tariffs and duties) and regulatory incentivesappendices: contact list of governmental organisations, NGOs, local consultants, financial institutions and other useful information.

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