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Carbon Capture and Storage in China: An E3G Report for Germanwatch

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Matthew Findlay, Nick Mabey, Russell Marsh, Shinwei Ng, Shane Tomlinson
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This paper reviews the status of carbon capture and storage (CCS) in China and argues that the development of CCS in China – and other developing countries - will initially require international cooperation in terms of funding, technical expertise, and capacity building. This will require the development of a global framework for technology transfer and in particular a resolution to the issues around Intellectual Property Rights. The European union (EU) has earmarked funding for 10 to 12 CCS demonstration plants but the money will not be available for projects in third countries such as China. This leaves question marks over future EU-China cooperation on CCS. The EU needs to be clear on what it wants to achieve and what it is willing to fund. Options range from small-scale technology development to a bigger investment in laying foundations for wider roll-out of CCS in China.