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Building a reliable energy access database for sustainable energy expansion in Ghana

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Access to reliable and robust energy data is a key requirement for effective energy planning - and for the economic growth that it drives. Currently Ghana's energy data is scattered among many organisations who do not always make it accessible. This impedes the expansion of access to clean energy. To address this issue an Energy Access Data (EAD) task force was set up at a meeting of energy sector board chairs and CEOs in 2011 to facilitate the development of a shared energy database. The goal is to bring data together under one umbrella and to make it accessible on the energy commission’s website. This will guarantee that energy policy-makers clean energy investors app developers and the general public can make informed decisions. The initiative will also help widen the data in the GIS-based Energy Access Review (GEAR) Toolkit an interactive decision support tool for energy access policy –makers based on a Geographical Information System (GIS).


To open up energy access data and support informed decision-making in Ghana by establishing and operating a one-stop centre at the Energy Commission to disseminate reliable energy data and information to staff policy-makers business and the public


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