This reports the potential effects of climate change on the agricultural sector in Belize. In particular, it addresses the impacts on all agricultural production, as well as on the sub-sectors of crops and livestock. Some of the key crops for this country’s economy (maize, beans, sugar cane and oranges) are examined in particular.

The analysis of the sectoral production functions show the negative effects that climate change will have on the agricultural sector due to variations in temperature and precipitation. Accumulated losses by 2100 in the agricultural sector as a whole could be approximately 35% of 2007 GDP, according to the authors.

Furthermore, they determined that the greatest economic losses will be caused by variations in precipitation. The estimations reveal that due to the importance that maize, bean, sugar cane and orange crops have to the economy, they will be the most significantly affected by climate change.

They conclude this poses the need to carry out adaptations in the sector, industry and markets, in producer strategies and in rural development strategies, with the objective of reducing economic and social cost.

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