This webpage links to a series of position papers that were presented by gender cc - women for climate justice - in Bali on the following issues: developing gender-sensitive climate change regimes; establishing gender budgets; gender and deforestation; problems with growing agrofuels; and on nuclear energy. The first paper calls on governments, international agencies and all stakeholders to take 11 steps towards a gender-sensitive climate change regime, including: ensuring female participation in decision-making at all levels; undertaking gender analysis of all climate change policies and programs; and agreeing measurable gender related targets and creating practical tools to help integrate gender. The second paper calls for gender equity in all phases and aspects of funding, from design through evaluating and reporting. It suggests a series of gender responsible criteria for programmes / projects should be developed, along with appropriate gender sensitive indicators. The third paper calls for an acknowledgement of the contribution of women to forest preservation, and for programmes that empower women to participate in planning and decision-making. It suggests that compensation and carbon trading systems are not the sole solution because they fail to address the root causes and the complexity of the problem. The fourth calls for education programmes that encourage a reduction in consumption levels, particularly of energy. It supports the call of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food for a five-year suspension on agrofuel development, and argues that it is important to protect, respect, and fulfil women's food security and promote their autonomy around food production. The final paper stresses the broad-based objection of women and women's organisations to nuclear power, as a destructive industry the legacy of which will be left for generations to come.

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