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Assessing Mali’s L’agence Nationale De La Météorologie’s (Mali Meteo) Agrometeorological Advisory Program: final report on the farmer use of advisories and implications for climate service design

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E.R. Carr (ed)
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This report marks the completion of the first detailed assessment of the function and impact of an operational climate services for development program, Mali’s L’Agence Nationale de la Météorologie’s (Mali Meteo) Agrometeorological Advisory Program. Viewed within both the climate services and development communities as highly successful, the Agrometeorological Advisory Program had never been independently assessed.In 2011, USAID’s Office of Global Climate Change commissioned this assessment to understand how the program functioned, and the degree to which the program impacted the lives and livelihoods of the farmers it was designed to benefit. A preliminary report compiled findings on the history and administrative structure of the program, assessed the scientific basis of the advisories, gauged the level of use of the advisories and, where they were being used, the impact of the advisories on livelihoods decisions and outcomes. Among the most important findings of this report were extremely low overall rates of advisory use, with women often lightly engaged with the advisories, if at all.