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APRODEV - Summary of the outcome of the APRODEV-ECHO seminar on Gender and Emergencies. Brussels, 4-5 November 1996

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This document describes the outcomes of the APRODEV (Association of World Council of Churches related Development Organisations in Europe)-ECHO (European Union Humanitarian Aid Office) seminar on Gender and Emergencies, held 4-5 November 1996. The seminar provided an opportunity to share experiences on the integration of gender into humanitarian operations, and to produce guidelines for the European Union on gender sensitive emergency aid. Key issues were discussed: the links from relief to rehabilitation to development; the importance of identifying the different impacts of emergencies on women and men; the need for humanitarian organisations to formulate their own gender policies and to implement them. Recommendations include operational changes within ECHO, such as the design of a gender policy and strategy, gender-aware monitoring processes, and the integration of gender into the activities of its partners.

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