The main objective of this publication is to provide a reference framework for the key themes and concepts involved in the MEbA project, particularly those related to climate change, adaptation, ecosystems and microfinance. It also aims to provide background information on the Andean region, its ecosystems and the agricultural activity practised there. Finally, it highlights the role of the microfinance sector in promoting climate change adaptation, with a particular emphasis on sustainable approaches. This publication will serve as the basis for campaigns and materials developed as part of the project to raise awareness among Andean region communities of the effects of climate change on their activities, as well as the potential alternatives for responding to these effects. It is also intended as a support tool to help the decision makers in the project’s partner MFIs to develop financial products and related marketing materials. Finally, it is meant to omplement the publication Microfinance for Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Options, costs and benefits, which describes 40 potential measures that could be implemented in the context of the project.

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