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Analysis of changes in energy consumption and demand trend in China’s agricultural production

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Z. Li-zhi
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China’s energy consumption for agricultural production has relied on petroleum and coal and other types of energy for a long time. However, this paper suggests that such irrational energy consumption pattern would unlikely be able to meet the increasing needs of the country’s developing agricultural sector.
The document states that the next decade will be the period when there is substantial growth of energy demand in China’s agricultural production. Yet, the authors note that the developmental level of agricultural modernisation is inharmonious with the overall development of regional economy.
Recommendations are that: 

China’s agricultural sector should follow the national energy development strategy guideline by gradually increasing the use of wind power, solar energy, biomass and other new energy sources
at the same time, it should advance technological innovations on traditional energy sources, such as clean and efficient use of coal and development of new fuels

In addition, the paper suggests two policies:

adopting effective measures to transfer the backward situation of agricultural modernisation; and
relising the harmonious development of agricultural modernisation and regional economic development

The authors deem that these two policies are not only conductive to the further prosperity of rural economy, but also of great significance in strengthening overall regional economic power and facilitating the national economic growth.