This paper provides a framework for future Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries working on development and climate change. The paper outlines key concepts, relevant principles, and tools for analysis that could support OECD work on sustainable development and climate change.The paper summarises the main ideas as follows:climate change policies should become a part of the overall core sustainable development strategythey should integrate and balance the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development using interdisciplinary approaches, while acknowledging that these perspectives may differ among countries and communitiesthey should focus on poverty, growth and equity on the development side, and on vulnerability adaptation, and mitigation on the climate side (especially aspects of mitigation, which are closely linked with adaptation)To determine appropriate action an analytical process is needed that flows from the transnational to the national and local levels. The authors propose that the action impact matrix (AIM) method should be used to inter-link and articulate development activities with climate change vulnerabilities, adaptation and impacts. A range of sustainable development assessment (SDA) techniques should then be applied to the priority issues that were identified during the AIM process and sectoral, regional and macro-models used to indicate national sustainable development paths and policy options that incorporate concerns about climate change vulnerability, adaptation and impacts.The paper concludes by identifying helpful criteria for country case studies in the next stage of the OECD project. The author identifies the following general criteria as useful in determining priority areas for more detailed analysis:extent of adverse impacts and vulnerabilitysynergies and trade-offs with other development goals and policiespotential for implementing remedies (including adaptive and mitigative capacity)cost-effectiveness.[adapted from author]

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