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All in Diary

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G. Price
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The 'All In Diary' is a practical tool for field-based humanitarian workers. It aims to improve the quality and appropriateness of relief work through: increasing awareness of good humanitarian practice; providing easy and timely access to relevant information and resources; and facilitating organisational learning and programme continuity. It is designed for use in disaster situations, and is specifically aimed at less experienced field based humanitarian workers in international and local NGOs. It includes key resources on: humanitarian principles; disaster preparedness and response; managing projects; working with communities; and managing people. Many of these resources include gender-focused information to assist humanitarian workers to establish their responses to natural and human disasters in a gender-sensitive fashion. Examples include resources containing information on identifying gender-related vulnerabilities in disaster-affected populations; on gender-based violence interventions in humanitarian settings; and on the gendered nature of psychosocial wellbeing in post-disaster situations. The toolkit is being trialled between July and December 2007, and is available in three formats: a personal organiser with customised diary pages; a cd-rom with information pages and additional resources; and on the website, which includes up-to-date links to recommended practical resources.