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Aligning Biodiversity Compensation and REDD+: a primer on integrating private sector conservation financing schemes in the tropics and sub-tropics

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D.R. Lanius
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This paper presents a conceptual framework to begin integrating biodiversity compensation and REDD+ at project level. The additionality assessment from linking project-level conservation areas is covered at great length and the authors argue that this issue is resolvable, on a project-by-project basis through a joint additionality assessment. Coordinating stakeholders working on both fields to collaborate on harmonizing approaches is also shown to be an inevitable requirement of national and jurisdictional REDD+ frameworks, and policies. As project-level scenarios have already provided analogous guidance and best practices for the singular implementation of biodiversity compensation actions and REDD+, this paper argues that new pilot projects can take the first steps forward to linking these innovative approaches to private sector financed conservation in the tropics and sub-tropics.