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The age of renewable power: designing national roadmaps for a successful transformation

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R. Kempener
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Evidence from around the world suggests that the technical challenges of integrating variable renewable power generation faced by most countries leading up to 2030 can be met, and that utilities have the technical solutions available to continue to ensure reliable, clean and affordable power.

However, renewable power generation also has far reaching consequences for:

the economics of power generation;
economic growth for and inclusion of local communities and cities;
the engagement of individual consumers in the power sector; and
national policies on energy security and climate change.

In other words, the integration of variable renewable power generation ultimately has societal consequences and warrants leadership from policy makers.

Policy makers need to anticipate the far-reaching implications of a power sector transformation and act pro-actively to translate renewable energy targets into palpable actions on the ground.

This research suggests that development of a national roadmap for the integration of variable renewables is a key step to guide this process, ensuring that the selected measures are relevant for local conditions, and aligning actions across stakeholders and countries.