This briefing brings up to date the original report from the Working Group on Climate Change and Development, "Africa: up in smoke?", released in 2005.Through a number of short case studies the paper describes the impacts of climate change that are already occurring in different countries and region, and discusses the ability of different communities to adapt to these impacts on their livelihoods. It draws on scientific and qualitative studies as well as anecdotal reports of those affected.The paper emphasises that the onus is on industrialised countries to take the lead in significant cuts in greenhouse gases, and urgently recommends the need to:cut rich-country greenhouse gas emissionsbuild on Kyoto to toughen up international efforts post-2012support essential adaptation in developing countries, particularly in the poorest countries that have contributed least to causing global warmingempower poor communities to be part of the climate change solution, and avoid focusing too much on the role of new technologyreduce vulnerability through disaster risk reduction (DRR)reform emergency responses to address the underlying causes of food insecurity and deliver long-term solutions to food crises and insecuritytackle poverty by providing rural livelihoods for the most vulnerable and boosting small-scale agriculture

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