This report presents a summary of IRENA’s first attempt to systematically assess the prospects for renewable energy deployment in the African power sector by 2030. Sub-regional least-cost energy supply options are explored under different policy assumptions using IRENA’s System Planning Test (SPLAT) model. The report was prepared using the work of six previously prepared IRENA studies – one surveying renewables potential across continent and five separate assessments of how they could be deployed in specific regions that were loosely defined according to Africa’s five existing power-pool institutions. In the report, the five assessments are synthesized into a single discussion of renewable energy’s future in Africa. The results discussed in this paper aim to show how SPLAT models can be used in policymaking. Separate chapters present summaries of each of the five regional power sector analyses. Closing chapters (1) address how IRENA member states can use SPLAT modelling and tools for themselves, particularly in the context of capacity building and (2) discuss the next steps that can be taken next, including further development of the five SPLAT models at the country level and using national data.

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