How well are governments progressing towards achieving their promises of eradicating poverty and reaching gender equality as stated in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)? According to this report these promises are largely unmet and progress is either very slow or non-existent. The findings of the report have been gathered in over 60 countries by Social Watch, coalitions of national citizens' groups active to follow up on the fulfilment of the internationally agreed commitments on poverty eradication and equality. The report also lists recommendations given by civil society organisations to governments, including the need for greater involvement of civil society and measures to achieve gender equality and equity. It argues that a gender perspective is essential in order to measure poverty equitably and recommends the measurement of individual household income and recognition of unpaid labour. The report also presents data on how governments around the world are progressing in the areas touched by the MDGs, including gender equity, women's reproductive health, education, and the environment.

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