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Addressing the gender gap in agriculture: opportunities for collaboration in gender-responsive research

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This workshop report by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research’s (CGIAR) Gender and Agriculture Research Network identifies opportunities for cross programme collaboration to enhance CGIAR’s contribution to reducing gender inequities and promoting agricultural development. Discussion topics at the workshop included an emphasis on good quality gender analysis and associated tools to assist in the analysis. One tool mentioned was Gender Marker Codes which enables a transparent assessment of the level of attention given to gender equality at different stages of programme development. Another presentation highlighted the gains to be made from using a set of commonly defined gender research questions and data collection instruments. As a result of the workshop, the network formulated two recommendations to strengthen the gender mainstreaming efforts of the consortium. These are: • Adoption of a CGIAR gender policy which should define accountability at different levels of work and provide harmonised protocols and standards for monitoring of gender research. • Formulation of a new, gender-responsive, system level outcome that explicitly addresses gender equality to ensure gender disparities affects are taken into account in the definition and assessment of CGIAR outcomes and impacts.

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