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Addressing Gender in Climate-Smart Smallholder Agriculture

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This four-page policy brief focuses on the constraints that women face to more equitable participation in smallholder carbon and climate-smart initiatives. It highlights the important role that a flexible learning approach plays in advancing equity goals, and offers recommendations for concrete actions that can empower both women and men.

Key policy recommendations include:

Understanding gender and social differences as nuanced and dynamic within different contexts is essential. From this it is vital to understand how these differences affect perceptions of risk, weather and climate information needs and communication strategies.
Working with both men and women is essential to the process and needs to involve issues that go far beyond agricultural issues to address the agency, structure and relations that govern gender relationships.
This involves supporting continued dialogue at community and household levels – about the roles of women in supporting agricultural innovation, while working to reduce the structural deficits (access to resources) and encouraging more male support.

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