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Adaptive policymaking for agriculture and water resources

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M. Rondon
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In 2005, IDRC provided CA $1,000,000 to the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to support a four-year research collaboration with TERI of India. These institutes will study the adaptation of agricultural communities that have experienced environmental change in the last two decades.
At the initial pilot sites - one in India, the other in the Canadian Prairies - researchers will work closely with communities and policymakers to understand how given policies have allowed people to adapt to climatic conditions beyond those for which they were designed. Such research will help those responsible for agriculture and water resource management in Canada and India to design policies that are robust and can adapt to unforeseen circumstances. The overall aim is to advance the emerging concept of adaptive policymaking with a view to promoting community adaptive capacity and resilience. [Adapted from Author]