Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Adapting to climate change

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P. S. Heller
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Article examining possible impacts of climate change on developing economies and making suggestions for how countries might develop policies to mitigate ecomomic and fiscal disruption.Among the recommended actions are:When crafting the fiscal stance, governments should take account of their countries' potential vulnerability to economic shocks arising from extreme weather events.governments should create the right incentives and institutions, provide more information to the private sector, and develop basic knowledge on adaptive technologies.This might include:Assessment of the potential economic consequences of climate change and formulation of multipronged action plans for informing the private sector and promoting adaptation.Ensuring that price signals convey the correct incentives for adaptation.Stimulating research and development to exploit existing technologies or developing new ones in the energy, water-supply, agricultural, forestry, and livestock sectors.Investment in preventive infrastructure for densely populated areas that are susceptible to coastal storm surges.Governrnments should adopt fiscal measures aimed at providing concrete incentives for mitigationDeveloping countries whose economies will be hurt by global mitigation efforts should craft macroeconomic policies to help them adapt.The article also makes suggestions for further reading.