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Accelerating Climate Technologies: Innovative Market Strategies to Overcome Barriers to Scale-up

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"This report makes the case that (1) the barriers to rapid diffusion of new climate technologies are too great for the private sector alone to surmount and (2) targeted public sector interventions are needed all along the technology development pathway to overcome specific technical, financial, and market barriers. Two of the case studies analyzed here-Off-Grid Portable Solar Lighting (the Lighting Africa Program) and Agricultural Markets in Africa-offer successful examples of public-private market acceleration approaches to advance climate technology programs. These strategies tap distributed knowledge to overcome market barriers, unleash innovation, and push products to commercialization. The organizations that lead these projects are public agencies, foundations, and nonprofit organizations that play a neutral broker role with the private sector. The final marine energy case study proposes a similar approach to accelerate hydrokinetic marine energy technology in global energy markets. For each case study, we show the gaps to scaling up technology deployment, present the interventions, and recommend how an international effort could more rapidly and creatively accelerate climate technology markets.