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Accelerating climate resilient and low carbon development: the Africa climate business plan

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This plan aims at raising awareness and accelerating resource mobilization for priority climate-resilient and low-carbon initiatives in Africa. It focuses on a dozen priority areas and is clustered in three groups.

The first cluster (strengthening resilience) includes selected initiatives aimed at boosting the resilience of the continent's assets. These comprise Africa's natural capital (landscapes, forests, agricultural land, inland water bodies, oceans); its physical capital (cities and physical assets in coastal areas); and the continent's human and social capital (including improving social protection for the more vulnerable against climate shocks).

The second cluster (powering resilience) relates to opportunities for scaling up low-carbon energy sources in Africa. The third cluster (enabling resilience) has a cross-cutting nature: it provides essential data, information and decision-making tools for promoting climate-resilient development across sectors.