A Zirconium(IV)-Manganese(IV) Binary Oxide Adsorbent for Efficient Removal of Arsenate and Arsenite from Aqueous Solutions

Technology Overview: Adsorbents for removing contaminants typically include activated carbon metal oxides like titania (TiO2) iron oxide etc. The present technology provides an environmentally friendly method in preparing alternative group of metal oxides as effective adsorbents for heavy metal contaminants. A binary and ternary metal oxide has been tested to effectively adsorb/remove aqueous contaminants like arsenic (As) lead (Pb) and copper (Cu). Such adsorbent(s) can be conveniently used as fine particles with filtration or can be loaded on porous carriers and used in column. The sorbent may also be directly added to water treatment device such as coagulation and can be removed together with the solids and the natural organic matters in the water. Technology Features: (i) Environmental friendly process to generate bi- or tri-metal oxides as adsorbents for anionic contaminants dissolved in water/wastewater. (ii) Good adsorption of heavy metals (e.g. Arsenic Copper and Lead). (iii) Adsorbent content: 200 mg/L; arsenic initial concentration: 10 mg /L. Applications: (1) Water Treatment: Removal of anionic contaminants. (2) Wastewater Treatment: Removal of anionic contaminants. Patent Status: Patent Pending & Opportunity for Licensing and for Partnership for future development.


(1) Adsorption capacities of anionic contaminants (e.g. heavy metals) unaffected by common ions (e.g. Calcium Magnesium) found in water (2) Reduce industrial waste disposal problems. (3) Enable recycling of industrial wastewater. (4) Provides operational costs savings.

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Patent Pending & Opportunity for Licensing and for Partnership for future development.