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World's First Wireless Electric Road


Smartroad Gotland is the world's first wireless electric road, charging an electric truck and a bus on a public road. Road freight accounts for nearly 1/5 of the annual global oil demand. A possible solution to achieve the goal of fossil-free transport is to rebuild the infrastructure into electric roads. Smartroad Gotland is a unique pre-commercial demonstration project with the purpose of building knowledge for the future electricity roads. An electric road provides vehicles with electricity. When an electric vehicle drives on the electric road, the vehicle is charged while driving.

This is done by implementing an inductive electric road, compatible with all types of vehicles, in Visby, Sweden. The project is implemented by the consortium for Smartroad Gotland, under the leadership of Electreon AB. This world leading technique has created an opportunity to massively reduce the need for fossil fuels and simultaneously decrease air and noise pollution in urban areas. The project is financed by the the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) as part of the electric road roadmap of the Swedish government to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy transportation.

1.6 km of electric road is installed on a road section of 4.1 km, between the city of Visby and Visby airport. An electric heavy duty truck and an electric bus will be driving on the road, charged wirelessely, to demonstrate the technology.

Electric roads have the following positive effects:
• Sustainable mobility
• Smaller batteries
• Shared charging infrastructure
• High utilization
• No range anxiety
• High energy efficiency
• Less vehicle weight

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