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A world-first material to effectively store hydrogen

Hydrogen has enormous potential as an energy storage medium. This invention provides the key to safer more compact hydrogen storage. Energy generated from renewable sources like wind or solar power is difficult to store and therefore unable to supply demand when weather conditions are unfavourable. A viable energy storage system is therefore vital. The Technology: A material to effectively store hydrogen: by incorporation of the Hydrogen into a solid material as depicted below this is the safest storage method in comparison to gas or liquid solutions. This invention leads the field in terms of hydrogen storage and opens up a real possibility for extensive adoption of hydrogen fuel as a safe and carbon free alternative to today\'s fossil fuels. Application: Hydrogen fuel industry in particular Hydrogen storage solutions. The Opportunity: We are seeking potential research collaborators and industry partners to further develop the invention.


1) Compact high-density storage capacity: a 10-fold reduction in H2 storage volume. 2) Safer H2 storage. 3) Scalable for both domestic and industrial applications. 4) Versatility to couple this Hydrogen storage material to renewable energy sources.

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